Benefits of The Sikh Court

Cultural Sensitivity

We understand that the Sikh community is not a homogenous group. We respect the cultural and religious nuances in the lives of Sikh individuals and families and are committed to ensuring that disputes are handled with sensitivity, whilst taking into account Sikh customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Community Understanding

Our Judges and Magistrates have an understanding and appreciation of the values and customs of the Sikh community. This in turn supports us to facilitate communication and resolution of disputes within a cultural context.

Efficiency and Timeliness

We offer a streamlined and efficient alternative dispute resolution process. This can lead to quicker resolutions, saving time over conventional litigation, and can reduce the emotional and financial costs associated with prolonged litigation.

Customised Solutions

We can provide tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and preferences of Sikh individuals and families.

Community Cohesion

We seek to promote community cohesion and harmony by addressing conflicts in a manner that promotes understanding, reconciliation where appropriate, and mutual respect among community members.

Accessibility and Familiarity

We are an accessible alternative for dispute resolution for individuals and families, who may feel more comfortable navigating a legal system that reflects their cultural and religious identity whilst also taking into account other intersecting identities.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All disputes we hear will remain private and confidential in accordance with our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and the contractual terms of the Mediation & Arbitration Agreement.

The Sikh Court
“An incredible initiative brought about by vision, grit, passion, principles and skill.”
Prof Jo Delahunty
Kings Counsel (Professor of Law)

“We pray that you continue these initiatives with even more Chardikala and success.”

Sri Akaal Takht Sahib

“The formation of this new court is an important initiative to work alongside the judicial system in working through disputes.”

Adrian Keeling KC

“An exercise [of] freedom to set up its own domestic mechanism to deal with disputes."

Prof. Andrew Tettenborn
Swansea Law School

“The new Sikh court is the first of its kind in the world and we will be watching with interest to see how it develops.”

Sam Townend KC
Chair of the Bar Council

“This is a great initiative at providing access to justice breaking down language, religious and cultural bars.”

The Hon. Mr Justice Talwant Singh (India)

Our Services

Family Disputes

The Sikh Court handles a range of family disputes, including issues relating to marriage, child arrangements and finances upon separation. These cases are approached with sensitivity and respect for Sikh cultural values and traditions.

Civil Disputes

Civil disputes encompass a wide range of matters, such as property disputes and contractual disagreements, The Sikh Court offers a forum for parties to resolve these disputes through mediation or arbitration, guided by Sikh principles of fairness and justice. Civil disputes include some disputes relating to Gurdwaras.

Fact Finding Inquiries

The Sikh Court can conduct inquiries into matters concerning Sikh individuals, institutions, or events. These inquiries may involve fact-finding, investigations, or assessments to facilitate fair and just outcomes in accordance with Sikh principles and legal requirements and to provide recommendations.